Get Xross Tab at Fast, secure and Free Open Source software downloads The goals for xtcc are documented on the goals page.

The command to download the source for the xtcc backend compiler

		svn co xtcc_local_copy

You can build the compiler on GNU/LINUX, UNIX like systems by doing this.


Requirements: modern C++ compiler, bison and flex. It compiles with g++ 4.0 for me. The generated binary is named "xtcc".

For windows users you need to get windows binaries for bison, flex and Gnu make and you will need to tweak the sources as well. Here is a binary distrubution of UnxUtils for Windows.

An example test program called "inp12" and a sample data file - "sample2.dat" are present in the test-suite directory. When you checkout the sources the directory "stubs" which is a subdirectory of "trunk" (i.e. xtcc_local_copy/trunk/stubs ) contains a program mk_data.C. This program will generate sample2.dat, a data map and a human readable version of the data file - "human_readable_data.csv". "human_readable_data.csv" can be opened with a spreadsheet. When your run the generated binary "xtcc" with the test program (inp12) and data (sample2.dat) the tables are written to tab_.csv and the frequency counts to lst_.csv. You can compare the values in human_readable_data.csv and tab_.csv, lst_.csv to verify the result (use autofilter for example).

You can run the test program with the generated compiler using the following.

		$./xtcc test-suite/inp12 sample2.dat
	        $make check 

The make check line above will run the test suite - but you need dejagnu installed.