qscript is a language to help script questionnaires for market research for data entry. The project is open source, released under the GNU GPL version 2 license.

Currently, qscript is good for scripting Pen and Paper Interview (PAPI) questionnaires. The language supports routing of questions using conditional logic, simple looping, masking of codes and mutually exclusive codes.

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Here is a small script to give you a feel for the language

Example Script
inp_simple_example {
	q1 "Q1. This is question 1" sp int32_t (5-8, 1-2, 9-10, 11, 16);

	stubs agree5 = 
			" strongly disagree" 1
			" disagree " 2
			" neutral " 3
			" agree " 4
			"strongly agree" 5;
	if (q1 in (1) ) {
		q2_1 "Q2.1 This is question 2_1" sp int32_t agree5;
	} else {
		q2_2 "Q2.2 This is question 2_2" sp int32_t agree5;

	stubs stuff = 
		"USB pen drive" 1
		"Keys" 2
		"Wallet" 3
		"Watch" 4
		"Pen" 5;

	q3 "Q3. This is question 3" mp(3) int32_t stuff;
Compiling a script

Compiling the above script. Suppose the file is named inp_simple_example. It can be compiled to an exe with the following commands

Compilation on GNU/Linux

	$ qscript -n  -m -o -f inp_simple_example

Compilation on Windows - you must pass the -s option to generate a static binary

	$ qscript -s -n  -m -o -f inp_simple_example

The -n flag is for a curses binary, the -m option creates a nice mapfile layout, the -o option is a optimization for save/restore jumps.

You can run the generated executable like this.

	$ .\inp_simple_example.exe

Here is a screenshot of what the running exe looks like:

System Requirements